Cameron Peak Fire - Operation Sandbag

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Sign up for an open shift or as a group/team to help us create 15,000 sandbags for homeowners in the Cameron Peak burn scar area.


Your donations allow us to continue to respond to natural disasters and to resource, mobilize and connect local churches to meet the needs of our community


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Impacted by the fire?

If you are needing sandbags, there are a few options for you! First, please look at the map below. These are the locations the County will ship sandbags. They will be delivered throughout May. The locations and total number of sandbag pallets coming are listed to the left of the map. Dates will be provided when they are available.

If you are unable to access sandbags at these locations or if the stock is depleted, please click "REQUEST SANDBAG PICKUP" below and we will coordinate a pickup time with you from our production site in Loveland. Watch for follow up communication from Ashlee.

Location & Number of Pallets to be Delivered

Poudre Canyon Station 2 4
Poudre Canyon Station 3 3
Arrowhead Lodge 5
Big Bend Campground 4
Pingree Park Rd & Monument Gulch Rd 3
Pingree Park Rd & 44H 3
43 & 34 4
196 Streamside 2
Black Creek & Streamside 8
Streamside & Miller Fork 2
Buckhorn Rd & Moody Hill 50
40.565461, -105.421325 10
Five Points (Crystal Mountain) 2
Crystal Park Turn Out 15
Big Bear Rd 20