The SERVE 6.8 website is designed to communicate the core vision and operation with clarity, simplicity, and thoroughness. The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) responses are intended to address questions that may arise from those who need a better understanding of this unique, church-supported Christian model of care giving.

These answers are designed in anticipation of some questions, possibly antagonistic, on the part of those who have a differing approach to care-giving. By this means, the SERVE 6.8 leadership team is prepared to answer these inquiries carefully and consistently. The objective of the FAQ responses:

  1. To offer to secular agencies in Northern Colorado an understanding of how SERVE 6.8 meets needs separate from, and with respect for, their efforts without competition.
  2. To offer to pastors and church leaders a fuller understanding, clarity, and reassurance of our high Christian principles in the effort to recruit new SERVE 6.8 Partners.
  3. To form a significant part of a manual to offer to other Christian care-providers that may want to leverage our approach in their communities and among their churches.