Business Engagement

Our valued business partners allow us to live out our mission and serve those in our community everyday.


Adopt-A-Family is the opportunity for the church and local business partners to provide a Christmas experience for families. In 2017, the churches and businesses throughout Northern Colorado served 1,600 families. As we expand into new regions, we will need more help than ever to continue serving these families. Find out how your business can directly engage with Adopt-A-Family today while helping families everyday!

Host A Giving Tree at your Business Today!

Thank you so much to each one of our businesses who are involved this season! Each of you are insuring that this season will be a success - we couldn't do it without you!

190 Giving Trees are placed in businesses, churches, and other organizations throughout Northern Colorado from the week before Thanksgiving through to Christmas. Throughout the season, these trees will collect 10,000+ gifts and donations that will directly benefit families. SERVE 6.8 provides a volunteer to collect donations, restock the tree with ornaments, and make sure businesses have whatever is needed to be successful throughout the Adopt-A-Family season! This is a fun and easy way to give back to your community without stressful oversight and management.

Beaujos Giving Tree

Provide Financially for Adopt-A-Family!


Community oriented businesses are central in allowing all of the SERVE 6.8 ministries to function at their highest capacity. Adopt-A-Family is a volunteer and donation centered ministry. Without donations, in-kind and financial, from businesses like you, SERVE 6.8 couldn't do what it does everyday! Join us in not only providing a financial need for families at Christmas time but assisting to lead families to sustainability year-round.

Further Engagement

When disaster strikes, SERVE 6.8 responds in specific ways from technical support to sending donations to providing teams to support a region. In-kind donations are always in high demand at these times.

68Talents is an employment ministry operated through SERVE 6.8. We are always on the hunt for new businesses to join the effort. Join us today!

Interested in donating to our front end Resource Center? Whether it is clothing to groceries to lawn supplies, we would love to discuss donation possibilities. Contact us today!