Stories of Impact


Bill's Story

Bill struggles to breathe. He suffers from lung disease and COPD, conditions exacerbated by the heat in his mobile home and made worse recently with the breakdown of his air conditioning unit. As he anxiously awaits an upcoming appointment with a team of lung specialists, his breathing has deteriorated to the point of having to be hospitalized several times this summer despite increasing his oxygen intake.

Bill’s social worker — a close friend of SERVE 6.8 — shared Bill’s situation with us a few days before SERVE Day. We, in turn, shared it with our partner churches. Moved with compassion, five of them responded with the desire to help Bill within the first 60 minutes! In the end, one church purchased a new air conditioning unit for Bill, another church replaced his other old unit, and yet another church sent a team on SERVE Day to install both units and pray over Bill.

Two days later, Bill’s social worker contacted us to report how much better Bill’s breathing sounded, how thankful he was, and how, according to his doctor, Bill may have been spared another hospitalization because of the help he received.

Watching God work through his church is nothing short of awe-inspiring. At SERVE 6.8 we’re blessed to witness the hands and feet of Jesus in action, doing good and caring well for those in need every day.

Linda's Story

Linda came into our Resource Center asking for help insulating her basement ceiling in order to continue supporting herself through rental income. She had already purchased most of the supplies needed but was unable to complete the work herself because of a 12-year battle with non-Hodgkins lymphoma that had recently resurfaced, requiring chemotherapy treatments and a bone marrow transplant.

When SERVE 6.8 said “yes” to helping Linda, none of us – not even Linda – realized how many people and businesses would be blessed to serve Linda over the next 3 months.

Our knowledgeable friends at Lowe’s in Greeley jumped right in and assessed the project, then added to their expertise by bringing in a volunteer from Mr. Fixit to lead the project alongside our volunteers. Timberline Church came alongside Linda by paying for the extra supplies required and the Timberline Singles group cared for Linda throughout the fall by coming to pray for her and shuttling her to and from doctor appointments.

Linda’s newly insulated basement still needed drywall work and painting, so we scheduled the work with a friend of hers who is a professional painter, with Timberline coming alongside financially.

As the date for her bone marrow treatment was drawing near – entailing 4 weeks in the hospital and 2 weeks being cared for ‘round the clock in a hotel in Denver – she shared with us the critical need to have her house cleaned to a sterile level for her health and safety when she returned.  We assured her we would work on this while she concentrated on healing and taking care of herself over the next 6 weeks.

The moment we approached the Timberline Singles Leader, Mark, about lining up a cleaning crew to sanitize her house while she was away – he responded with an immediate “Yes, we’re happy to do that!” In addition to the Singles and Lowe’s and Mr. Fixit, M&J Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning were also ready to jump in with a great price for the needed work on Linda’s house to be part of the effort.

What a blessing to see the Church, businesses and individuals come together as a family to care for someone in need and battling cancer. Recently, as she prepared to return home, she said, “Wow! I had no idea how many people have helped! That’s amazing! I am so blessed to have all these people who care and love me — God has touched my life through all these helping hands!”


Nick's Story

Nick, a 52-year-old veteran, came into the Resource Center seeking help to get back on his feet financially. He was working for a motel part time while also staying there. He did not make enough money to cover all his needs. Through our Financial Care program, we were able to connect Nick with our Career Wow team. Our Career Wow team member, Tyler, was able to help Nick create a resume and give him the confidence he needed to look for a job.

“We did a total redo on my resume and with that man that day, I realized something. I initially was there thinking I’m a screw up but Tyler made me realize what I had accomplished and what a man I had become.”

He then shared with us that the hotel he was working for hired him full time!

“I think the owner of motel saw something different, he saw my confidence, my strength, and my attitude.”

Donna's Story

Donna and her husband came to our Resource Center in need of moving assistance for the upcoming weekend. As they are Timberline Church attendees, and we partner with Timberline Church at the Resource Center, we put an ask out for volunteers specifically asking for them to help one of their own. Donna and her husband needed 3-4 volunteers, and on the day of their move 4 volunteers showed up with smiles. Not only were they able to help them move successfully, but the day after the move they all saw each other at Timberline Church and have continued a friendship. “We had a wonderful experience working with Chelsea, Mike and the 4 volunteers that came to our rescue in our house move. Given the short notice, they gave it their all! We really enjoyed the relationships we formed during the time they were helping us. Their terrific, generous, kind spirits were evident to the others who were not members of Timberline Church. Our move couldn’t have gone any smoother!! We are extremely grateful!!” – Donna


Jeremiah's Story

“I was just trying to survive – like I was making sure that I had food in my mouth, I had clothes on my back, I had the bare necessities the things that I felt that I needed at the time to be okay. I didn’t know what it looked like to live a life based on faith. Obviously my best thinking got me to the Farm, it got me homeless, it got me to drugs, it got me to hopelessness, it got me to a lot of very painful and dark places and it was the love of God and grace and truth that pulled me out of that. It has nothing to do with material objects. It was trusting in a process that I didn’t even necessarily believe in at first. It took an entire community to raise this child. I’m able to relate and I’m able to help others the same way that people helped me. He has redeemed my life. He has redeemed me. He has redeemed my heart. Redemption.”

John's Story

John come into one of our partner churches on a Sunday in a crisis. John did not have a job which was causing his family to fall behind on bills. The church referred him to the Resource Center that week. We had the honor of meeting with John on a Wednesday, made him an appointment to meet with Career Wow on Thursday and got him connected to an amazing staffing agency we work with. By the following Wednesday he let us know that he got a job through the agency! John sent us this in his email: “Thank You!!!!! God is good. Have a job now through ASI”